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Asmara International Community School (AICS), Eritrea


Promoting a diverse co-curriculum

At AICS we work hard to offer a wide range of activities outside the classroom. These activities encompass music, sport, art, drama, service learning and a clubs and expeditions. Our co-curricular activities rotate throughout the year, offering students the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence across a plethora of activities.

The co-curricular offerings are a vital part of any child's education. At AICS, our co-curricular activities provide a platform for continued Creativity, Action and Service (CAS), with this being at the Core of the International Baccalaureate.

Our activities enhance the learning environment and enable students to develop the skills needed to work with other people and provide opportunities for individuals to differentiate themselves. By having a range of activities on offer, we can ensure that individuals have an environment in which their abilities and talents are recognised and they can demonstrate excellence. However, the main aim of our co-curricular activities is to have fun!