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Asmara International Community School (AICS), Eritrea

Group 1: Studies in Language and Literature


Group 2: Language Acquisition


Group 3: Individuals and Societies

Geography takes advantage of its position to examine relevant concepts and ideas from a wide variety of disciplines. This helps students develop an appreciation of, and a respect for, alternative approaches, viewpoints and ideas.

The geography course embodies global and international awareness in several distinct ways. It examines key global issues, such as poverty, sustainability and climate change. It considers examples and detailed case studies at a variety of scales, from local to regional, national and international (

At AICS students at SL study the following units; Changing Population, Global Climate, Global resource consumption and Security, Oceans and Coastal Margins, Geo-physical Hazards and Urban Geography. At HL students study all of the above as well as three holistic units on Power, Places and Networks, Human Development and Diversity and Global Risks and resilience. Students are assessed through daily formative assessment and scheduled summative assessments which as well as exams and essays also comprise of presentations, debates and project based fieldwork.


Group 4: Experimental Sciences


Group 5: Mathematics