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Asmara International Community School (AICS), Eritrea

IMYC Entry Point


Grade 7 & 8 cover five themes throughout each academic year, each theme has a particular BIG IDEA. The themes are explored across all of their subjects. As part of embracing the theme and BIG IDEA the students take part in five Entry Point activities, which are the starting point of each theme. The aim is to promote interest and promote inquiry learning.


Grade 7 Themes BIG IDEA Grade 8 Themes BIG IDEA
Respect It’s important to honour behaviour and processes that have proven merit Identity

Our sense of self, and that of others, is continually developing through our

different interactions and impacts on how we exist in the world

The desire to know more drives exploration and aspiration

Interpretation Only a very few things are true for all people
Tradition Beliefs and customs from the past have a powerful effect on our lives today Responsibility Each of us is in charge of the actions we choose
Resilience Success over time requires persistence Challenge

Facing up to, or overcoming, problems and barriers increases possibilities in our

Courage Being true to yourself requires bravery Leadership

For better or worse, one or more people can use

influence so that others aid and support them

IMYC Entry Point 2 - Geology of Debarwa