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Asmara International Community School (AICS), Eritrea

Secondary School Programme

With great enthusiasm I welcome you to the AICS Secondary School, which consists of grades 7-12. There have been many new and exciting developments in secondary this year, including: approval for the candidacy phase of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), new and improved science and IT labs, the arrival of a massive shipment to expand resources across subjects, volunteer opportunities in the community with the IB Creativity Action Service program (CAS), and the implementation of the Extended Essay. The rigorous English language academic program practiced throughout the school now incorporates an abundance of new teaching tools to further strengthen academic excellence.

In Secondary, our mission of discipline, integrity and respect originates within the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) in grades 7-8, which allows students to focus on a Big Idea (such as Responsibility). They begin their study with an Entry Point, which takes them into the local community to learn how that specific idea can be studied, considered, and implemented in different ways. Not only are students motivated to consider thematic ideas on a local, personal, and academic level within their subjects of study, but also how to apply them to international concerns. Engagement in the process of being a learner is ingrained in students, preparing them to be successful in high school.

Our program continues into grades 9-10 where students study within the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). The IGCSE promotes independent, reflective, intentional learners who have an international outlook, while embracing local relevance. In their core subjects students begin to critically consider the world around them, while practicing empathy, open-mindedness, and self-discipline. The transition from middle years to high school can be overwhelming, but our small class sizes and focus on individual student success allows for growth and the development of key skills needed to enter the rigorous IBDP during the final two years of high school.  

In the IBDP, students are given the opportunity to intensify and apply their knowledge and skills holistically, and develop the characteristics necessary for success in a diverse global community. Across academic subjects, students are pushed to question and find answers to issues of global importance, apply theory to formulate practical solutions, learn through inquiry, communicate their ideas effectively, and commit themselves to being curious, thoughtful, and principled life-long learners. The IBDP balances academic rigor with volunteer opportunities in the after-school CAS program, the integration of philosophical essential questions in Theory of Knowledge, a foundation of international-mindedness throughout all subjects, and a chance to research and develop a question of each student’s choosing into an extended research paper.

As AICS grows and evolves, the community will witness a crop of innovative young people graduating and pursuing a myriad of interests. The students and staff work in tandem to create a positive learning environment that strives for continuous improvement and nurtures the potential for each new student joining us.

We hope to welcome you into our community!

Dana Garbely

Secondary Principal

Asmara International Community School